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As a former teacher with thirty-six years of experience, I know about as well as anyone how important education is–and how difficult it is to achieve the best educational outcomes. The greater the need is, the more obstacles seem to block our way. Whether it’s  lack of time, lack of money, lack of systemic support, or some combination of factors, school employees, students, parents and community members all find themselves caught in a maze from which we cannot easily escape.


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The purpose of this website is to contribute in some small way to helping you escape from the maze, or at least be able to navigate it a little better. Like most things in life, it is a work in progress. My goal is to provide an ever-growing collection of onsite resources, including articles and reviews, as well links to offsite resources, all of which could save you time, stimulate your problem-solving imagination, or both.


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By the way, as you browse the site, you will notice that images and a wide variety of other elements always come with credits. To some people, that appears a little compulsive, but I do it because over time a number of students may be on this site , and, with plagiarism being such a big problem, teaching by example is important. I’ll have some good plagiarism materials up soon, and then I’ll add a link to them here.

The image credits for the slider, which would be a visual distraction if I embedded them in the slides themselves, can be found here:


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Site Navigation

For most people it will not be a challenge to find their way around, but  certain versions of the Android operating system, older IOS versions and a few others can only access the top level menu on a WordPress site.  If you find yourself in this situation,  go to the “Related Pages” widget near the top of the right sidebar. This widget automatically displays any sub-pages (“children”) of the current page you are viewing as clickable links. That approach is a little slower than using the top menu if what you need is a few levels down, but it will get the job done. [If there are no sub-pages, it displays “siblings” (other pages that are children of the page you are currently viewing)]. Alternatively, the footer of the site has a site page tree widget, handy for the few pages (like forums) that have no sidebar. Near the top left of the footer is a “show-hide page tree link.” Just click it to get started.

To navigate the homepage and widget sliders, hover over one of them with your mouse pointer. Controls will appear which you can use to go backward, forward, or to a particular slide. Why would you ever need to do that? As the number of slides grows, the slider will become another navigational aid, with links to both site and external resources. A handy list of those links can be found here.


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Looking for Even More Great Content?

Aside from the original articles you can find here, and the collection of links and other resources, you can find here, I also post a large amount of material on my Facebook education page. You can sample some of the recent posts in the widget or on this page as well.

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