Sample “Introducing Yourself” Project 1: Toby

The following material is not a real student project. I created it for purposes of illustration using one of the characters from my videos.

Keep in mind that everyone's project will be different. "Toby" uses a lot of humor, because that's the kind of person he is. It doesn't mean you have to do the same thing. As far as his numerous references to his girlfriend are concerned, I have never actually seen a student do that. The idea is to present yourself effectively, not try to imitate someone else's pattern.

Someone will inevitably ask, "Would this be an A project?" The short answer is probably not quite.  I'd like to see somewhat more detailed development. Since I was dealing with a fictional character with a limited back-story, it would have taken me hours to flesh out his background enough to expand that development. You won't have that problem, since you actually exist and already have a back story, though you will still have to spend time assembling materials like photographs and writing the text.

Credits: (Yours would typically go at the bottom of  the page.)

All images are licensed from and are copyrighted as follows (material in quotes is labeling by me, not the photographer): Sebastian Duda, ice cubes; Nenetus, family picture; K. Chelette, "Carlos the Chihuahua"; Lisa F. Young, "Mitch"; Fluke Samed, fire; Yuri Arcurs, all images of "Toby," "Vanessa," and their friends.

 The video "Red Bull Perspective--A Skateboarding Film" is hosted on YouTube and was uploaded by Red Bull. The video "Yuri Arcurs--photos comp" is also a YouTube video and was uploaded by majura. The video "Ticket outta Loserville" is hosted on DailyMotion and was uploaded by alexandre.

Biographical information on Yuri Arcurs is available in several places, but the material on this page comes primarily from







Introducing Toby, the Coolest Guy Around!

(I'm not really that  arrogant; I just like to pretend I am!)

shutterstock_14614558As Charles W. Swindoll once said, "Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun." I certainly know mine have. In fact, I don't know how I would ever have gotten through high school without them. I'm not saying that in a sappy, yearbook signing kind of way. I really mean it. 

Okay, you caught me!

When I'm with Vanessa, I'm not cool. I'm burning with passion for her.  I want nothing except her, and she wants nothing except me. I'll tell you a little secret: she doesn't remember this, but she's the little girl in the picture with my parents. Yeah, that's right--I've known her since before kindergarten. I've loved her ever since I knew the meaning of the word, and I will keep right on loving her as long as there is breath in my body.

I know some guys don't think it's cool to talk about your feelings, but remember, when I think about Vanessa, I'm not cool. I'm hot. Show me a guy who doesn't talk about his feelings like this, and I will show you a guy who has never been in love.







shutterstock_15290704So, what are my goals, aside from being with Vanessa forever? Once I dreamed of being a skateboarding champion. I got my first board when I was really young, and I took to the sport immediately. I was good, too. But then one of my friends got seriously injured, and a short time later I found out another one had a drug problem. He'd gotten introduced to drugs through skateboarders he met at competitions, where there wasn't always much supervision of the contestants. Sure, not everybody gets injured or ends up on drugs, but what happened to my friends did make me think differently. I still miss the sport sometimes, though. To the right is a video that made me really nostalgic for skateboarding. I'm not going back to it, but I do daydream sometimes... 


[wpvideosembed extraclass='' h='400' w='600' link='' /]

shutterstock_15290722With my skateboarding days slipping into the past, I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had never been a great student, but I tried to be a better one. I needed to give myself options.

shutterstock_3460196Note to self: If you want to be sure to make time to study, pick the right person to study with!  


shutterstock_14499625While grinding away at my studies, I began to develop an interest in photography. Maybe that interest came from being around the model-like perfection of Vanessa. Maybe it came from hearing the success story of Yuri Arcurs. It used to be that photographers only made money if they were famous fashion photographers or at least attached to a major publication. Yuri Arcurs was one of the first to make money, big money, as a freelance stock photographer. He ended up making millions and developing his own company. He showed that talent and initiative could create opportunity, and that's exactly what I want to do. To the right is a video with some of Yuri's 2009 photos. The weird thing is, many of those models look a lot like me, Vanessa, and our friends. That's a pretty odd coincidence, if you ask me. Maybe my "lookalike," who I found out is a Danish dude named Casper, is a distant cousin. What are the odds? 

[wpvideosembed extraclass='' h='400' w='600' link='' /]



I also thought about film-making. I guess I must have a creative side that is just not satisfied if it can't express itself. I've actually experimented with making instructional videos. I've embedded one on the left for you, but you can already find them elsewhere on this site. Anyway, it proves I have at least a little talent; even Mitch admits that much--when no one else is around.

Will I become a director? Will I get a different kind of job in the film industry or in some other creative field? I'm going to keep pursuing that dream, but I'm also going to keep up my schoolwork, because, as my dad says, "You always needs a plan B." Since I might end up living plan B instead of the dream, I at least want to make sure it's a good plan B.

Wow! That wasn't as exciting an ending as I wanted; actually, it was rather dull. My friends will tell you, if there is one thing I'm not, it's dull. Let me end on a funny note instead. I'll share with you the song, "Ticket outta Loserville," by Son of Dork. They liked to make fun of boy bands (rightly, if you ask me). They weren't around for very long, but they made a lot of people laugh during their brief time as a band.

[wpvideosembed extraclass='' h='400' w='600' link='' /]


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